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What Is Involved In Farm Brokerage?
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Farm brokerage may entail private farms, such as horse or cattle farms or large, commercial enterprises.  With the disappearance of the family farm, the farm agentís role is changing.  Todayís farm broker must be equally able to handle the smaller 100-acre family farm as a 10,000-acre agribusiness. 


College training in agriculture is an advantage and on-the-job training is a must because of the very specialized requirements even small farms or private equine properties demand. 


This type of brokerage involves some of the residential requirements (odd hours, weekends, etc.).  The commission may incorporate a residential timeframe or the commercial requirements of regular business hours and larger but less frequent commissions. 


Farm brokerage offers as many opportunities to earn commissions and fees from leasing and property management as from listing and selling property. 


Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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