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What Is Involved In Industrial Brokerage?
Category - Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent

Industrial brokers find suitable land and buildings for industrial enterprises.  Activities include leasing and developing industrial property, as well as listing and selling such property.  Industrial brokers must be familiar with industry requirements, such as access to raw materials, water and other utilities, as well as labor and transportation availability. 


Industrial brokers must also be knowledgeable about local zoning, future land use regulations, as well as local building and tax laws.  Another area industrial brokers must be knowledgeable about is local schools and housing, appropriate for industrial employees.


Commissions in this field are irregular but usually substantial.  Working hours are most likely regular business hours and sales efforts are primarily aimed at locating facts and figures and presenting them to clients in an orderly fashion. 


Industrial clients are typically sophisticated business people or enterprises.  Gaining entry into this field can be slow. 


Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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