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What Is Involved In Rental-listing Services?
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In some cities, there are rental-listing services, which help tenants find rental units and landlords to find tenants.  Most of these services compile lists of available rentals and sell this information to persons looking for rentals.  A few also charge the landlord for listing the property. 


Especially popular in cities with substantial numbers of single persons like college towns are roommate-listing services.  These services maintain files on persons with space to share and those looking for space. 


Most rental-listing services are started by independent entrepreneurs and are not affiliated with real estate brokerage firms.  Depending on the state, a real estate license may or not be required. 


Rental listing services are finding heavy competition in the internet by services such as or  This competition has a strong impact on local business profitability, unless the service includes appropriate web accessibility. 

Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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