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What Is Involved In Residential Brokerage?
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Residential brokerage requires a broad knowledge of the community and its neighborhoods, as well as understanding or real estate principles, law and practice and an ability to work well with people. 


Working hours in this area of real estate frequently include evenings and weekends.  The agent must be available to work with the client at the client’s convenience.  


A residential agent must also supply a vehicle, suitable for taking clients to see property and be willing to carry related expenses, such as gasoline and vehicle maintenance.  In addition, the agent will be required by his or her broker to carry appropriate third-party insurance. 


A newcomer to this field should have enough capital to cover business related expenses and survive until the first commission is earned and this can take four to six months.  In addition, the agent should actively develop leads on a daily basis, and plan on having a substantial number of transactions in the pipeline, while closing on the first sale. 


A person who is adept at interpersonal relations, who can understand a client’s motives for buying property and knows the area and the business well enough to find the right property, can be extremely successful in this field. 

Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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