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What Is Meant By "Setting the Mood" in Staging?
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Sellers must keep in mind that most purchases are emotionally driven.  Your home is the largest investment a buyer makes in his life, whether buying for the first time or upgrading. 


It pays to consider the buyer’s motives from an abstract perspective. Thus, consider a buyer may be shopping for one or all of the following:


Ø       Sophistication—decor and upgrades are very important.

Ø       Status—is the subdivision considered” upscale.” Will my acquaintances be impressed?

Ø       Comfort—how cozy is the home. Will it be my haven to come home to?

Ø       Convenience—how far will I commute to shopping, schools, arts venues, work? Are there many stairs? How far do I have to carry my grocery bags?

Ø       Value—appraisal opportunity. Investment value - is it a great buy for the area?

Ø       Privacy—how close are the neighbors?  How much space is there between my home and my neighbors’ home?

Ø       Safety—what is the crime rate in the area? Does the home have a security system? How close am I to my children’s rooms? Can I overlook the den from the kitchen?

Ø       Low maintenance—how large is the grass area? How long will it take to mow the yard?

Ø       Immediate reward—is the home ready to move in. Will I have to complete extensive remodeling? If not ready to move in, does the price reflect this fact?

Ø       Educational advantages—how are the local schools graded? How close are private schools?

Ø       Affordability—is the asking price fair. In addition to the mortgage, how much will I spend on maintenance, homeowner association fees, etc.?

Home Selling Questions - Staging & Marketing FAQ's
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