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What Is The Experienced Agent Recruit Looking For?
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In my last article we established a clear understanding around why to recruit experienced agents.  Today I would like to continue in this series with what the experienced agent is looking for when choosing where they work. 

Letís start out with the answer I hear the most.  Commission split, commission split, commission split, fees, fees, and feesÖdid I say commission split and fees?  This may be a real eye opener, but my opinion is that money is the last reason an agent joins a company and further, the last reason an agent eventually leaves.  Sure, thatís what they tell you in the interview process or when they are leaving, but thatís the easy out.  Letís get to the truth.  Itís about value.

Before we get into value I would like to share a belief I have.  The only costs, fees, or splits that donít work for agents are the costs, fees, or splits in a company that doesnít give an agent a return on their investment, more sales.  Are you tracking with me on that one?

Letís now define the 3 critical areas of value that will help you in understanding what the experienced agent is looking for.  The magic 3 are the top secret that I am about to reveal to you today; you, you, and you.  Yep, thatís it.  Itís all about you and your leadership.  Itís not about the technology, office location, advertising, marketing, and training.  Thatís all just stuff that you have been trained to sell them.  Itís not working that well, is it?

So letís talk about you.  Can you inspire and coach an experienced agent to increase their business and quality of life beyond where it is today?  Can you skill-practice with an experienced agent in all areas of their business to keep them crisp and growing in their skills?  Can you develop a business plan for your agents and then coach them through the year to achieve their objectives? 

My final question:  Is the above truly what the experienced agent is looking for?

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