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What Questions Should I Ask A Brokerage Firm Before Signing Up?
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Following are some suggested questions you should ask your prospective broker:


       How long have you been in business?

       Are you affiliated with any national enterprises?

       How much business do you do a year?

       How many agents do you have?

       Where are your sales offices located?

       What sales statistics can you share about your business?

       What is the commission split?

       What are the requirements for a new agent?

       Do you have teams within your organization?  How are they sat up?

       What kind of incentives do you offer agents?

       Where are you advertising?  How much do you spend on advertising?

       Do you share leads with new agents?  How?

       Do you have experienced brokers in every sales office?

       What kind of marketing support do you offer new agents? (Signs, business cards, sales pamphlets, statistical information)

       What are an agents monthly costs? (office space, communications, insurance, franchise fee)

       What kind of in-house training do you offer?

       Do you offer mentoring?

       What is your website address?  Is every agent assigned their own web page?

       Do you offer relocation services?  How do you assign relocation leads to your agents?

       Do you have volunteer answering service opportunities?  How do you share those leads with your agents?

       What kind of software is installed on your office computers?  How many computers and workspaces are found in every sales office?

       What kind of copying equipment do you have?  Do you have color printers?  What is the cost for copying in your office?

       What kind of internet training do you offer? 

       What does your orientation for new agents include?

Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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