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What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Scissor Lift
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Scissor lifts are often used to raise a construction or maintenance workers, plus all of their tools, to the desired height. Many people actually use them instead of ladders and scaffolding systems because they’re thought to be much safer (there is less risk of falling, for one) and save time. If you’ve never used one of these lifts before, however, there are a number of things you need to know prior to hiring.

We have outlined the 6 main things to know in the list below, just to get you started:

1. The platforms are relatively large
These lifts have considerably larger platforms than both ladders and scaffolding, which means that they can often accommodate more than one worker plus all their equipment with ease. Workers will also be able to save time by reaching a wider expanse of wall or ceiling without having to reposition the machine each time – simply adjust the platform.

2. The platforms are strong and versatile
The platforms are able to hold the weight of two to four men as well as all their equipment, which is significantly more than a ladder or scaffolding can support. They can also reach heights of anywhere from 2 to 18 metres high. The lift can even be paused at different heights as required, allowing workers to make their way up or down the surface.

3. Choose 4WD for outdoor use
Did you know that it’s possible to hire 4WD scissor lifts, which are more than capable of navigating the terrain outside with ease? These machines can handle all sorts of terrain, from bitumen and gravel to grass and even mud, ensuring that it can go wherever you need it to. These models are generally petrol or diesel powered to ensure maximum power.

4. Choose electric for indoor use
When you need to use the scissor lift indoors, you should opt for one with an electric battery. This ensures that no harmful fumes are released inside the building, avoiding the health issues that can arise when workers inhale them. There are also machines with a narrower platform available, allowing them to navigate tighter indoor spaces with ease.

5. A safer option than ladders
These lifts feature a range of safety apparatus that are designed to protect workers against falling and other accidents. There is, for example, a railing around the whole platform with a gate where workers can mount and dismount the platform. Workers are also required to wear a safety harness in most cases that is secured to the railing.

6. The machines are completely free standing
One of the best things about these lifts is that they’re completely free standing, which provides workers with the ability to reach a larger area. When using a ladder, it’s generally resting against the wall which can restrict your movement. These platforms have no such restrictions, as they can be readjusted to miss obstructions.

If you are considering hiring a scissor lift, we hope that the information provided above has convinced you that it’s the best idea you could make for your business, as well as proving how much safer they are than ladders and scaffolding. Keep in mind that these lifts are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, so ensure that you have taken the time to select the most appropriate one.

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