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What You Should Know About A Career In Real Estate?
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You may already be familiar with the major benefits a real estate career can offer such as an income, which is not limited by hourly wages and creative freedom to mention a couple.


What you may not yet know, however, is exactly what is required to ensure a successful real estate career.  You may have questions such as, what defines a successful real estate agent; what are the advantages and disadvantages of the real estate business; how can you determine if you are likely to succeed in real estate; how do you prepare for a real estate career, should you decide this is the right choice for you? The following information will provide the answer to some of your questions and introduce you to the exciting world of real estate sales.


A popular misconception holds that the real estate industry consists only of buying and selling single family houses and condominiums. Although approximately 86% of all activity does take place in the residential field, real estate professionals are also involved in many other activities including areas such as listing and/or selling land, agricultural, industrial and commercial properties; leasing and managing office buildings, shopping centers, and apartment buildings; appraising and evaluating properties for individuals, banks, and insurance companies; developing land; planning real estate investments and many other related activities.

Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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