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What are Title Problems?
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Title problems occur when there is a mistake, error or lien in a prior deed, will, mortgage or other document that may legally grant another entity a valid  claim against a property.  These hidden defects include:


       Incorrect information, such as the name appearing in a deed, mortgage or other documents of public record that would affect the title.


       A lien or claim against the property or seller that could become the new owners responsibility after the sale, such as unpaid mortgages, taxes, sewer and water assessments, or bills owed to workers or other creditors; it would also include attachments.

       Claims to ownership, including a through marital interest by the spouse of a previous owner or by the child of former owners who was not mentioned in his or her parents will.

       Errors can also occur when a previous seller who did not actually own the property transfers the deed, or by a previous owner who was not mentally or legally competent.

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Home Ownership Questions - General Home Ownership FAQ's
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