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What are rules and regulations?
Category - Home Ownership Questions - Lease & Renting FAQ's

Every lease agreement includes a list of rules and regulations governing the lease.  Such rules may include

  • tenant is prohibited from adding, changing or altering locks
  • tenant may not park motor vehicles with expired licenses, boats, RVs on the property
  • tenant may not store combustible materials or other building materials around the property
  • types of nails or screws which are allowed or not allowed to hang pictures from the walls
  • whether pets are allowed on the premises
  • whether waterbeds are allowed on the premises (they are typically not allowed in apartment buildings)
  • restrictions on the use of space heaters
  • rules regarding the parking of vehicles on or around the property
  • rules governing the installation of additional phone lines, internet cable or any other type of wiring
  • noise levels to be observed
  • rules prohibiting the use of any type of drug or illegal substance on the premises
Home Ownership Questions - Lease & Renting FAQ's
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