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What are the Key Areas I M+ust Remember as a Sales Person?
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The most important areas to remember, if you want to be successful in sales is that you are not just selling a home but you are also selling your self as the facilitator of the transaction. In order to sell your self, you need to help prospects and clients relate you and what you are showing them to positive emotions. For example, when a home is a particularly good investment, you may describe the home by saying it will “protect his or her investment,” rather than just referring to it as a “good investment.” The word “protect” enhances the positive aspect you are selling. Agents must always remember that buying a home involves strong emotions on the part of the client. Addressing their emotions will show them you also care about their decision.

Showing interest about your prospect’s life will go a long way to help you identify their needs but also to make them feel you genuinely care. Your questions should be tactful and never prying. The better you get to know your client, the easier it will be for you to fill their needs.

Truly taking an interest in your client’s needs, while you are working with them and after the sale, will help you establish an excellent client base and ensure ongoing referrals.

Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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