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What is Step Selling?
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Step selling allows the client to slowly advance toward making an offer. The approach to step selling is to allow the client to view and familiarize him or herself with the property or properties they have earmarked.

When you “step sell” in real estate, your first “step” would be to meet your prospects face to face, sit down and learn about their needs. Your next “step” would be to show them the area, if they are not familiar with it, and possibly a few homes, while describing the benefit you provide in becoming their agent. The next “step” would be to have them sign the buyer brokerage agreement. Then you would continue to send them properties via email and schedule visits to the properties. Once you have a feel for the properties they prefer, your next “step” is to begin narrowing down in order to arrive at the one property best suited to their needs. Following that, you would allow the client to “test drive” the property by offering plenty of time during subsequent visits to explore every nook and cranny of the home. Once your clients are satisfied, this is “the one,” sit down with them in the home itself and begin drafting the offer.

Always provide your clients with a copy of the offer for them to read through again and, if necessary, to call their mortgage broker for any last minute questions. Remind your clients that the contingencies your have included and the fact that they must be approved for the loan protect their interests through the closing. In addition, remind them that the inspection protects them from any unforeseen structural issues and they are free to walk, if not satisfied with the inspection report. This will put their mind at ease.

Most important is that you make sure your client is with you every step of the way through the sales process. If you feel there are hurdles, stop and address them before attempting to continue down the path. This will ensure a satisfied client when the process is complete.

Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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