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What is the Marketplace Section of the Business Plan?
Category - Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
The Marketplace Section of your business plan provides a definition of your market size, structure, growth prospects, trends and sales potential. The marketplace section should focus on your customers, clients, competitors and be based on research, interviews and sales analysis. An excellent source for these statistics would be your county website. Look at their future land use map, zoning and planning and county demographic projections.

The Marketplace section should include the what, when, where and why of your customers. You should describe the sources you used for your information and emphasize you unique business proposition, in other words, what makes your service different.

Your Marketplace section should also include your sales plan, e.g., how you plan to meet your sales goals (prospecting plans, number of targets, special offers, commission reductions, advertising, sales presentations and specific lead generation plans.)

Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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