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What kind of conditions are covered by travel insurance in Singapore?
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Travel insurance is has become an integral part of trip planning whether for domestic or foreign travel. This is especially because of the increased level of insecurity the world over. The number of events and situations covered by travel insurance in Singapore area are numerous and it is therefore necessary to break travel insurance into 3 categories. These categories include the following:

1. Medical coverage
A travel medical cover is designed to take care of any medical expenses that may occur during a trip. For instance it a tourist breaks an arm or leg while exploring a rocky terrain, the medical care he or she receives would be paid by means of the medical cover. The cover also addresses medical expenses from pre-existing medical conditions. For instance when a traveller with diabetes needs hospitalization due to complications of the condition, the expenses incurred would be taken care of by the medical cover.

A second specialized travel medical cover is known as medevac. This cover deals with evacuation during a medical emergency. For instance if a tourist has a skiing accident in a hard to reach mountainous region, the medevac cover would carter for the expense of having a helicopter air lifting the victim to the nearest medical facility.

A third type of specialized medical cover is known as AD&D or Accidental Death and Dismemberment. This cover works like a life insurance cover and a beneficiary is paid a set sum of money. The cover also carters for the expenses associated with the repatriation of the deceased's body and subsequent funeral expenses.

2. Trip protection
The trip protection cover is meant to address trip cancellation, trip interruption and trip delay. When a trip has to be cancelled due to illness for example, the money paid is reimbursed by the cover. A trip might be delayed or interrupted due to unexpected weather, or even a clash in the schedules of different airlines for connect flights. The expenses that arise due to the delay or interruption, such when booking alternative flights, are reimbursed by this cover.

3. Luggage and rental car protection
If this kind of insurance rates isn't familiar for you as a personal loan from Singapore banks, these cover addresses cases of loss, damage or theft of luggage after a flight and cases of damage or theft of a rental car. Its quite common for luggage getting lost or damaged in the busy cargo handling sections of large international airports. The cover ensures the replacement of lost and damaged items. In cases where a rental car is involved in an accident, the cover even carters for local legal representation as well as the payment of local traffic fines and damage claims. So, it seem buying travel insurance worthed quite isn't it?.

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