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When I List It, What Type Of Information And Materials Do I Display In My Home?
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Having information about your home readily available to prospective buyers and their agents can make a huge difference in how seriously they take your home.  A well-documented, nicely displayed set of information, in a strategic location (entry hall, dining room table, kitchen counter) will provide a good first impression about the professionalism and commitment with which the listing agent and seller are handling the sale. 


Documents such as flyers describing your home, including nice pictures of the home, will serve to refresh the buyer’s memory when they sift through the information they gather and in making a decision.  This serves as your home’s “advertisement.” 


In addition, it is critical that copies of the Seller’s Property Disclosures be displayed and ready for the buyer to review and be reassured that the property is in excellent condition.  If there are problems disclosed in the disclosures document, the seller should thoroughly explain the nature of the problem and how it was addressed; see How Do I Complete the Seller’s Property Disclosures Document?


Further information buyers like to find in the home, which will distinguish your home from others:


Ø       The survey or plat of the property

Ø       Legal description of the property, including documentation on registered easements

Ø       Local school information and ratings

Ø       Neighborhood environmental reports (obtained from the county)

Ø       Professional appraisal (if available)

Ø       Recent inspection report

Ø       Recent pest report / exterminating treatment

Ø       Contact information for all utilities

Ø       Recent utility bills showing average charges

Ø       Local information such as “what’s new” or “what to do” pamphlets about the area

Ø       Overview of the neighborhood’s (or area) assets (you want to market the area as much as your home).  Nearby parks, community pools, art centers, etc.


Ask your listing agent to help you gather as much information about the neighborhood and the area as possible.  Typically, agents have access to community magazines free of charge, which are a nice addition to the documentation found in your home.  Consider spending on some nice portfolios to place with the information, showing your home’s address and a picture, which can be used by the buyer to collect information.  This will prominently keep your home in front of them as they visit other homes. Make it a fun family project!


In addition, place some candy or goodies next to the information with a tent card inviting visitors to “help yourself.”   

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