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Who Can Help Me Learn About Current Market Conditions In The Area Iím Moving To?
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Your local real estate agent should be aware of current market conditions affecting the value and sale of real estate, including interest rates, employment levels, vacancy rates, demographics and the absorption rate.


Demographics are related to the statistical study of the population in reference to size, density and distribution in a given area.  For example, a large company moving in or out of an area will have a huge impact on the employment levels, vacancy rates, supply and demand, as well as the absorption rate.


The absorption rate is an estimate of how quickly new construction will be sold or occupied each year.  Because an agent cannot be certain exactly how and when demographic factors will affect current market conditions, he or she can never guarantee future profits from or appreciation of real estate.


A great site to obtain the above information is the countyís internet site of the area you are moving to, which will include most of the local statistics you are looking for. 

Home Buying Questions - Search & Offer FAQ's
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