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Who Gets A Copy Of The Inspection Report?
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Typically, the inspector is hired by the buyer and thus submits the inspection report to the client (in this case the buyer).


Once the inspection report is received, the buyer and his/her agent review the report and identify problems they will ask the seller to repair.  (Although repairs are subject to negotiation, the seller will typically address problems of a structural nature or those, which present a safety or health hazard.  Cosmetic problems can be negotiated separately. Seller motivation plays a large role in the seller’s response during the resolution period.)


Once the buyer and his/her agent have agreed on the repairs they will ask for, the agent prepares the “Amendment to Remove the Inspection Contingency,” and includes a list of repairs to be completed by the seller, with a cross reference to the inspection report.  It is a good idea to include a copy of the summary of the inspection report as supporting documentation, when submitting the request for repairs to the seller. 

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