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Who is in Charge of the Sales Process?
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Although some may argue that you should be in control of the sales process, you need to remember that consumers do not want, nor should they have to give up their right to make the decision about what is best for them. If you recall an instance where you dealt with an overbearing sales person, you may also remember the negative emotions you felt. A home purchase is the largest investment most people make in their lives and they have to decide what is best for them.

On the other hand, making a wise decision requires information and knowledge, and those are your areas of expertise. Your guidance is critical in helping your client purchase the best property for the price they can best afford. Your cooperation with their mortgage broker in conducting the search for a home within their means ensures your client’s investment success.

Although you should refrain from becoming overbearing, you also need to remind your clients about the benefits a particular home may offer. If your clients are first time homebuyers who have been renting for years, you may want to remind them they will actually be investing their monthly payment in their own future.

The property your client’s acquire should offer a healthy appraising history. You must also make sure your first time homebuyers are aware of any additional expenses they will incur when they buy a home, such as maintenance, utilities, taxes, insurance, etc., which must be included in their budget (look for more information on this subject under Financing on this website). By providing such information to your clients, you are providing a solution while making a sale.

You may want to view the issue of “control of the sales process,” by renaming it “taking charge.” When you “take charge,” you firmly guide your client by providing any assistance they need, while maintaining the timeline and mutual goal in mind – the successful closing of the sale. It should be apparent that you are looking after your client’s best interest by the way you negotiate on their behalf, the information you provide and the way you assist them in completing the transaction in a seamless manner. Once you have completed the sale, your dedication to them should continue through their move and ongoing periodic communications.

Taking charge of the sales process simply means you address and solve issues as they arise. If it is clear, your client loves a particular home but appears undecided on making an offer, talk to them and try to find out what is holding them up. Once you identify the issue, ask, “If I can resolve this problem for you, would you be ready to make an offer.” Often the client’s problem has a relatively simple solution. Keep in mind that buying a new home represents a change in a person’s life and most of us resist change.

Remember the wording you use while taking charge of the sales process should also contain a positive tone. Rather than using the term “closing” the deal, you may suggest “beginning” the process of ownership or to “begin” completing the offer. Positive speech in the sales process puts the buyer at ease.

Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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