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Why Do I Have to Make Time to “Sell?”
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A common mistake new agents do is they become so focused on “learning to sell,” taking additional courses, familiarizing themselves with the paperwork that they delay going out to actively “sell” their services. Another hindrance, at this time, is the natural intimidation you feel because you are not sure how to proceed.

Before you can start to sell your services to others, you need to sell yourself on them. What makes you unique in a very competitive environment? The key to effective selling is what marketing professionals refer to as “unique selling proposition,” or USP. The way to get started is to analyze what your competition is using to position itself as the best in the business. This will help you understand how successful realtors distinguish themselves.

In a slow market, a successful approach might be to sell “hope” as the key element of what you offer. You might sell friendly service or discounted commission rates (as agreed to by your broker.) As an example, Neiman Marcus sells “luxury” while Wal Mart offers “bargains.”

Making time to sell includes taking the time to research and familiarize yourself with your competition. Visit Internet websites, especially those belonging to successful real estate teams, learn from the pros by purchasing appropriate books on the subject (please refer to suggested reading on this website.) In addition, you need to put into practice what you learn. The more you go out there and “sell,” the more comfortable you will become in the art of prospecting.
Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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