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Ralph Macchio had Mr. Miyagi. Rocky Balboa had Mickey. And you have…iSucceed!

Even if you don't have a personal coach at the moment, we're happy to lend you ours. With over 33 years of experience, veteran real estate coach and iSucceed Mentor Roy Argall unravels five critical concepts that keep the top agents ticking, and explains how you can apply the valuable lessons they’ve learned.

1. Use a Contact Management Program

Whether novices or seasoned veterans, the single biggest mistake real estate agents make is the failure to use a contact management program designed for the sole purpose of managing the real estate transaction from start to finish.

Several superb systems are currently available, and each allows an agent to work smarter and save time. Many agents feel that working hard is the secret to success, but the trick is to use powerful tools that do the “work” and leave the remainder of the time for doing what is fun and – more importantly – profitable.

The best contact management programs systemize action plans for prospective clientele. These plans remind the agent or an assistant of the tasks to be performed on a daily basis. This can include mailings, calls, and meetings. A well-managed contact management program leaves you time for your spouse, children, exercise, recreation or vacations – in other words, your life.

2. Practice Time Management

The use of a solid real estate contact management program allows an agent the capability to maximize his or her calendar. Schedule showings, listing presentations, and office business meetings. Ultimately, the program affords the agent the time to work on their business as opposed to working in it.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday tasks many agents often forget that they are building a business. Pay attention to this process, and when the time comes to leave your business, you can sell it for a tidy sum.

3. Get Training – Never Stop Learning

Many training programs offer enjoyable and stimulating classes to interested agents. The top 7-10 percent of all agents owe their success to a firm commitment of lifetime education. They will never stop learning.

Why not attend a class or seminar presented by a local association of Realtors, or by a local college or university? You might be surprised how easy it is to begin a designation program. These programs empower agents to achieve mastery in a niche area of expertise. That mastery puts money in agents’ pockets, because customers appreciate your new skill set, which engenders stronger trust and more genuine relationship.

Set yourself up for even more success by engaging in a pastime as simple as reading. Top agents are consistently diving into books on such subjects as rapport building, trust building, sales presentation skills, scripts and dialogues, negotiating, or any number of real estate topics. One study shows that if a person read one hour a day for a whole year on any one subject, he or she would be an expert in that field. So, after only 365 hours of reading, you’ve just become the resident expert in your growing sphere of influence.

4. Get Your Name Out There

If agents worked a sphere of influence to its maximum potential, only twelve people would be needed to produce twelve closed transactions a year. Imagine twelve people who would personally refer one person a year to you who wants or needs to buy or sell a property. Think of how successful you would become!

Thinking about and finding these key people is what top agents do during their time-blocked periods mentioned above. Of course, no good reason exists to limit your sphere to only twelve influential people. More important is finding people who are eager and ready to become what some trainers refer to as your “angels”; people who are your biggest cheerleaders and supporters. Quality contacts begin with these important people.

5. Build A Farm Area with Passion

Another opportunity for growth that agents often forget to capitalize on is “the power of working with people you love”. This simply means connecting with people who are like you – people who like what you like and do what you do. Discover productive farms by employing a certain kind watchfulness – a sensitivity to these kinds of people. Notice where you like to go and whom you like to spend time with. People like these will most likely bring you the highest number of quality referrals.

Farms can be geographic – such as subdivisions that you frequently love to drive or walk through – or demographic – like a pet lovers club, medical association, theater critics, attorneys, or equestrian trainers. The only limits here are your own passions. Whatever your passion may be, commit to know everything about it. Who are these people? Where do they live? What do they like to do? Where do they like to go? Make a genuine effort to be their friend, and when the time comes for the sale or purchase of a home, guess whose name will suddenly appear in their minds? When they need real estate, they will think of you.

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Roy Argall is an iSucceed mentor and principal of U.S. Coaching, a prominent real estate coaching company. With active broker’s licenses in the states of California and New York, an ABR designation and over 33 years of experience in the field, Argall has practiced real estate on both coasts. He can be reached at


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