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Why Is It Important that I Be Sensitive to my Client' Personality Type and Internal Family Dynamics?
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When working with people, it is always important to learn to differentiate and cater to the different personality types. This will serve you well in satisfying their particular needs. For example, an engineer will likely want to obtain very detailed figures on comparables, sales statistics, etc. An advertising professional may be more interested in the “feel” of a neighborhood, convenience, amenities, etc.

When working with couples or families, a good agent also learns to study and respect that group’s internal interactions. The agent should be sensitive to the needs of each partner. For example, very often homemakers want to prove their “worth” by leading the search, comparing prices, shopping aggressively, etc. In this case, it is imperative that the agent respect that family dynamic and cater to those needs. In other families, the husband is clearly in control and this would require most communications to be completed with that party. Alternatively, both parties are competing internally and the agent must involve both parties equally when decisions are made.

Observing and respecting internal family dynamics can be critical to making or breaking a deal.

Eventually when dealing with clients, every agent will deal with clients who are engaged in difficult or negative personal situations. Sometimes it will become necessary for the agent to step aside and refer the opportunity to a colleague. Making this important decision in time, to avoid losing the deal, is critical to a successful real estate sales professional.

Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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