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Why don't we take democratic socialist nations, like Norway, as our model?
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1. Norway has a welfare state, mixed with capitalism that is highly regulated capitalism. They also have true representative democracy, just as in the U.S.A.

2. "Norwegians enjoy the second highest GDP per-capita (after Luxembourg) and third highest GDP (PPP) per-capita in the world." Norwegians are FAR wealthier than Americans, in general. 

3. Norway is Number 3 in ranking of World's Happiest People. Denmark and Finland, two other countries with full welfare states, rank above it. The USA is Number 14, which is BELOW Costa Rica, Brazil, and Panama. The poll was published by Forbes magazine, a magazine that promotes capitalism. 

4. Everyone has health insurance in Norway.

5. There is NO homelessness in Norway. 

Yet, in the USA, politicians and media talking heads act like it is obvious that democratic socialism (the kind of socialism in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, France, etc.) and the welfare state are obviously much worse ways to organize a national economy. 

Yet, the FACTs show that a nation's people as a whole are happier and wealthier under democratic socialism, with a full welfare state.

Why isn't this more broadly known and discussed? 

Just ignorance? A conspiracy carried out by mass media companies being owned by the rich (who don't want to share)?
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