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Why virtual can be best for London office space
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When it comes to finding office space, companies tend to have quite a detailed list of criteria that they need to stick to. The location, facilities and even the address that appears on any correspondence is often taken into account. So can it sometimes be better to have virtual office space, rather than a physical location?

London prices

Many companies have their main base in London but this comes at a steep price. Although they have the benefit of having a somewhat exclusive address, they pay a hefty price tag for the privilege as well. On top of that, these businesses need to make sure that all of their staff can get into London every day. If they don't live in the local area, this can be costly and time consuming, causing some staff to leave the company if it is a new move to the capital.


Obviously, there is a big argument for businesses to be based in London in prestigious virtual offices like Heddon Street Mayfair. With so many other companies choosing the city as their main base, it makes logical sense to be based there as well. If the majority of other companies in your industry are based here, it could negatively affect you to be based elsewhere. Prospective clients may not want to travel around to various places so if all the companies are relatively near each other, yours could be overlooked.


This is a key thing to consider and is actually a big reason to opt for virtual office space, rather than a physical office. If you don't necessarily deal with clients in your office on a regular basis, having a physical office could be an unnecessary spend. For many businesses, the address that appears on correspondence is more important. It allows them to have the exclusive address but they don't necessarily have to pay the huge rent for the space.

It could be the case that you are actually based in London already but your address is not in a desirable location and it may have an adverse effect on business. However, with a virtual office space, you can pick a better area that may be more impressive to prospective clients.


With virtual office space, you have the option of putting the address on all your correspondence, as well as having someone answer the telephone on behalf of your business. This can be reassuring to clients, but also means you don't have to be present. The telephone calls and the post can be redirected to your office with the client being none the wiser. You won't be left with such a huge bill for renting space that your staff all need to be in, but you can still reap the benefits of a central London address.

On top of that, it can often be notoriously difficult to actually find a vacant physical office in many parts of London. You may not want to sacrifice having an office in the capital, but with a virtual office, you get the best of both worlds.
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