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Aliso Viejo, Calif. April 7th, 2005 - Could there be a larger and more deceptive time-waster than the typical and widely promoted prospecting method of "networking" via fruitless social events? You make the decision to attend what turns out to be an unproductive gatherings where you sit in the dim, faint hope of somehow "clicking" with a "potential-maybe". Unfortunately, even the best real estate agents end up a little discouraged after frittering away dozens of hours and dollars each month attending pointless social functions and yawning through endless (and meaningless) rubber-chicken dinners. And after all, for what you ask? You go for the purpose and hope of meeting someone who is thinking of selling or buying a home. But how often is your social networking methodology truly productive? In most cases, many confess, not very. This all, according to a new book entitled The Domino Effect, released today by RealSure Publishing in California. The authors believe that The Domino Effect is ready and available as a best practice model to real estate professionals who are tired of wasting their prospecting efforts in needless ways. RealSure Publishing is a division of The RealSure Group of Companies, who has as its overall focus the assistance of real estate brokers and real estate agents in helping them become more knowledgeable, successful and profitable.

The Domino Effect: A Book
Written by Stefan Swanepoel, widely recognized as one of the leading visionaries on trends in the real estate industry and E. Jonathan Brush, Esq., a Partner in the law firm of Bouland and Brush, which specializes in the field of real estate law, The Domino Effect is a book which emphases and extols the PreList America methodology. PreList, a patent pending Customer Loyalty Program between real estate agents and homeowners, dramatically assist agents in becoming a trusted Realty Advisor. Through a PreList Program, the Real Estate Professional provides the customer with various additional value proposals. Those proposals include but are not limited to a "no-haggle" future commission structure, an annual Home Valuation Report, professional advice free of charge, which is designed to maximize a homeís value and a regular form of customer communication. This is done while PreList America takes care of all the "behind the scenes" administration.

Could We Lock That In?
According to Bush and Swanepoel, The Domino Effect asks the question: What if a new program could "lock in" the consumer to the agent by offering a type of loyalty package that has meaningful benefits? You PreList the consumerónot at the time that he or she wishes to sell the house, but at the time they just purchased the house. This is why the PreList America package is so powerful say the authors. This is true because you basically removed a listing from the market before it ever became a listing, and once secured, a PreList Agreement could be woven into a sale, and then into a listing again, and so onó hence "The Domino Effect."

When interviewed, Author Swanepoel was quoted as saying: "Like RE/MAX who offered the 100% commission concept in the mid-1970ís, PreList America and the concept to PreList a home is still very much in its infancy. Yet it exhibits the elements to potentially become one of the most powerful concepts of modern real estate. Only time will tell whether PreList can, like RE/MAX, become an industry-changing concept. However donít be like so many brokers in the 1970ís who ignored a new concept. Take time to learn more about PreList America and The Domino Effect"!


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