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You’re Fired! What’s Next for the Smart Broker?
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”You’re fired” have become famous words on real estate tycoon, Donald Trump’s television show; The Apprentice. These are words that no one wants to hear, but it happens.

But many brokers are now using these words to terminate unproductive agents in their offices as a belt-tightening move. We all feel the downturn in the market with the number of transactions decreasing, which hits our pockets with decreased commission revenue. But is firing the unproductive or marginal real estate agent the answer? According to independent studies, as the office manger or broker, you have probably spent somewhere between $10,000 and $40,000 recruiting and orienting that agent.

Instead of eliminating your agents, which are your number one asset, you should answer two key questions if you hope to maintain your market share in 2007:

1) How do I keep my existing agents profitable in this challenging market?

2) How do I attract new or veteran top producing agents and continue to grow my business in this challenging market?

This challenging market is indeed a changing market that requires your swift action in order to preserve your business. Brokers need to experience a paradigm shift and understand that their assets (their agents) need to be given every opportunity to remain productive and prosper, regardless of market conditions. For a small investment in your business, you can provide all this and more, and your agents will thank you by far surpassing their competition.

The market is changing, that’s a fact - but change creates opportunity. It’s how you decide to develop that opportunity that determines your future chances for success.

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