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Looking for a simple but effective weightloss method English scientist made an interesting discovery: instead of to comply with a strict diet there is enough to forego in the cinnamon honey weight loss so-called 2 day diet two days a week on carbohydrates. All without having to count calories you decreases so successful, as popular diet concepts.

Miracle cure 2 day diet? Because even the scientists of the University Hospital of Manchester were somewhat puzzled: the consistent absence of carbs to only two days a week better leads to weightloss success as popular calorie-reduced diets. Michelle Harvie and her team tested and compared three diet programs, it noted that the 2 day diet is not only the simplest variant, but moved to the greatest weightloss success.
2 day diet: Twice a week strictly on carbohydrates without

115 women were divided into three groups for the study of the 2 day diet.

Group 1 fed themselves following chia seeds to lose weight a Mediterranean diet with a caloric intake of maximum 1,500 calories a day.

Group 2 ate normal five days a week, two days were limited to women 600 kcal a day and took up to 40 grams carbohydrates.

Group 3 had to include any calories. The women ate balanced and healthy and renounced only on two days per week consistently carbohydrates, especially those from potatoes, rice, pasta and bread. Instead, proteins and healthy fats were on the menu. Only exception: even on the low-carb days a portion of fruit and selected vegetables (green leafy vegetables, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli, eggplant, cauliflower) were allowed.

The result of the examination is common theories of calorie-reduced diets on the head: the women of groups 2 and 3, which lived partly on the low-carb principle (less or even no carbs), took on average almost twice as much as women from Group 1, which had strictly counting calories. Also the temporary chia seeds to lose weight waiver impacted positively on carbohydrates during the 2 day diet on the insulin resistance. It is a common side effect of obesity can lead to diabetes type 2 Only already patients with diabetes should not without consulting with a doctor on carbohydrates, because the risk of low blood sugar.
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