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Only unprocessed foods, lots of meat, raw fruits and vegetables: Not only Tom Jones has slimmed down properly with the stone age diet. We wanted to know: How does feel stone age diet a week? And did the self test. Plus: What say consumer watchdogs healthy smoothies for weight loss to the stone age diet.
The stone age diet (also paleo diet) can be summed up with one sentence: at the stone age diet you should eat only what you might catch yourself or pick. Not allowed are the stone age diet foods that are processed, so cereal products, final, milk products, but even starchy vegetables (turnips, beans), soy or certain nuts. The daily diet of the stone age diet consists of raw fruits or vegetables, cooked vegetables and meat or fish based on a third. Book Tip: "the stone age diet" (books4success, 19.90 euros).

Stone age diet: The diet for meat fans

"A diet with meat? I wanted to try it out. What tastes like the Tiger, will certainly also I like, I thought. And then came a low only once: in the first two days of the stone age diet I was arge problems with blood sugar levels after my daily training program. At that time, my mood was real in the basement. I was quite surprised benefits of apple cider vinegar and weight loss how strong the stone age diet once suggested to me on the mood. Of course I got thinking, to break off the diet. I persevered and was rewarded after two days for this: my body got used to the change, sometime I could risk again in informal workouts without immediately getting a hunger attack.

Who - likes meat and fish such as I -, certainly not wrong with the stone age diet. If you're not athletes, you can forgo surprisingly easy potatoes, pasta, rice or bread. At the end of the week stone age diet I felt somehow fitter, rested, and sleep better at night could I even. The other side of the stone age diet but is that you pay of course significantly more money for the amounts of meat, fish or fruit. Maybe I will keep the stone age diet - also when I will modify it certainly a little for me.


Consumer activist Silke Schwartau (consumer advice centre Hamburg):
"Naturalness can be a useful selection criterion for food. Nothing speaks against plenty of raw or cooked vegetables. The ban on cereals and starchy vegetables is but superfluous benefits of apple cider vinegar and weight loss, especially since these foods provide many minerals and fibre and saturate well. "The crowd is more helpful than bans of individual food groups and to optimize the quality of own food over the long term."
Home Purchase Facilitators - Appraisal
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