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If you are looking for new home builders in PA, then Weaver Homes is there for you. They are one of the finest and most reputable construction companies in Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania area.

Company overview

Weaver Homes, based in Mars, PA, has over 20 years of design-build experience. Weaver Homes was established with a vision to offer exceptional commercial and home management services by embodying qualities of the best professional contractors: quality, integrity, service, and attention to details, craftsmanship and value.

They are one of the finest and most reputable Construction Companies in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. They are family owned and operated with two generations of construction trade experience. Whether your needs are commercial or residential, they look forward to bringing your vision to reality. They provide ranch homes for sale in PA, homes in Pittsburgh PA, new home Pennsylvania and more.

Contact Details:
Chad Weaver
Manager of Construction Services
Weaver Homes
PO Box 449
231 Crowe Avenue
Mars, PA 16046
Phone: (724) 625-7800 ext 27
Fax: (724) 625-7808
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