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symptoms of type 1 diabetes
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The role of therapeutic education is to give patients a level of competence to enable them to be self-reliant.

Professor André Grimaldi, symptoms of type 1 diabetes Professor, Chief of the hospital group diabetology Pitié Salpêtrière, question on the degree of autonomy and its limits.

This conference hosted by Dr. Jean-Marc Fichelle, vascular surgeon at the clinic Bizet, will be the opportunity to zoom in on the achievement of the arteries of the legs: artery. The means of exploration and treatment of this complication are now accurate and effective, amputations are no longer inevitable and can be prevented.

He is University Professor and practitioner hospital. It is since May 2006 head of the Department of Endocrinology "diabetes and nutrition", hospital Jean Verdier in Bondy.

In parallel, he is Director of the laboratory of Nutrition, metabolic diseases and Cardiovascular Prevention of Faculty of medicine, Leonardo da Vinci, in the University of Paris-Nord.

He is President of NEURODIAB, a group of the EASD study (European Association for the Study of diabetes symptoms in women) who works on diabetic neuropathy. He has participated in many international communications and has contributed to several books.

Diabetes is incompatible with sport, or even sporting success? This conference, hosted by Dr. Saïd Bekka, endocrinologist / diabetologist at the centre hospitalier de Chartres, is the opportunity to make the point for practice safely and sport "uninhibited".

Professor Paul Valensi, University Professor and head of diabetology/Endocrinology/nutrition Hôpital jean Verdier, will make the portrait of one of the complications of diabetes: the achievement of the nerves, also called neuropathy. Symptoms, treatments... all treating neuropathy points will be discussed.

Prevent kidney complications remains a bet on the future, Professor Michel Marre, Chief of Endocrinology/diabetes/nutrition Hôpital Bichat, will address this sensitive issue diabetes type 2 which affects 20% of diabetics undergoing dialysis. Frequency, prevention, treatment will be the topics of this conference.
Real Estate Glossary - Acronyms in Real Estate
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